How to search on More Words

Simple search

Check an exact word

Containing a sequence

*sswo* words containing the sequence "sswo" anywhere

Missing letter

w-rd or w?rd use - or ? to substitute a missing letter


rdow write all the letters to compose a new word

Unknown letters

lett* use * for multiple consecutive unknown letters

Exclude letters

ma-e^kt exclude words containing the letters after a ^ (caret)

Advanced search

Ending letter

--r 3-letter word ending with "r"

Letters position

pu---e Substitute missing letters with a "-"

Any length starting with

cross* words of any length starting with "cross"

Any length ending with

*zzle words of any length ending with "zzle"

Letter start and end

a*z word starts with "a", ends with "z"

Start, within and end

b*c*d starts with "b", "c" is somewhere within, and ends with "d"

More information

How does it work?

When you enter something into the search, MoreWords does as follows:

  • If the query is a pattern, find all words matching this particular pattern
  • Should the pattern query yield a singular word, go to the page of this word
  • If the query is an actual word, go to the page of this particular word
  • Otherwise, try to find anagrams and words by unscrambling the query

How to find words by extending existing words?

To find words by extending existing words with a blank or letter on your tile rack, do as follows:

  • Search for the jumbled string or word you want to extend via the search bar
  • Scroll down to the related links section and click the "Words formed from any letters in XXX" link
  • Choose the length of the word and which letter you want to use for it

How to exclude letters?

You can exclude letters from your search: all words containing any letters following a "^" (caret, shift-6 on US keyboards) in your search are excluded from the results.


m--e matches 32 words, including make and mute. But m--e ^kt finds only 27 words, as it omits all words containing a k or t.

If an excluded letter is elsewhere in the word, the word is not going to be in the results. For example "*kin ^eiou" will not find "akin", because it contains an "i" and you've excluded words containing a "i".

This is useful for games like Hangman, where you want to exclude letters you've already guessed.