How to cheat at scribbl.io


The online game scribbl.io skyrocketed in popularity the past few years. It's a game where all players take rounds choosing a word and trying to draw (scribble) this word to the others. Its massive appeal is due to the fact that you can quickly jump in with your friends, without needing to register an account. You can also improve your English vocabulary in a fun manner.

If English is not your native language, you may struggle to keep up with your native opponents or guess the word correctly at all. But worry not! This service helps you to cheat to offset your disadvantages against your opponents.

Using the word search

Our powerful pattern-fueled word search is capable of finding words of which only a small part is known. The more letters you know, the less results you will get, simplifying your efforts to find the word.

But how to use it? Let's illustrate this using an example. Imagine the following letters are revealed: _war_. To instruct MoreWords to try to fill in the blanks, you must substitute those blanks by question marks: ?war?. You'll see a couple of results, but which one is it? You either wait for another letter to appear or try to see if there's any connection between the picture your opponent drew and the words you see in front of you. If your opponent drew e.g. some kind of trophy, it's very clear that award is the term we're looking for.

Did you know? A similar strategy can be used for Scrabble. There are many occurrences where you need to encapsulate an already played word on field and make it have a specific length. You can utilize the same strategy explained in the paragraph above!