Word Unscrambler for Scrabble and Words with Friends

Are you tired of these slow and inflexible unscramble services on the web? We certainly are – that's why we created this free, sophisticated word unscrambler.

What makes this word unscrambler stand out from the competition?

  1. It allows blank tiles. This is essential for Scrabble and Words with Friends, yet nobody else support this from what we've seen. MoreWords to the rescue!

  2. It's blazingly fast. It takes less than 10 milliseconds to unscramble an arbitrary amount of letters with an arbitrary amount of blank tiles. This is simply unmatched. We're very proud to be the fastest out there!

  3. We allow up to 60 letters. Mostly, other services support a maximum of 10-15, because they are so incredibly inefficient. Our word unscrambler could in theory support thousands of letters.

  4. It allows grouping the unscrambled words. Some people prefer to have an alphabetical order, some want to have the results grouped by length. Your choice!

  5. It allows sorting the unscrambled words. Want to sort in descending alphabetical order or sort by the highest point values? No problem – MoreWords got you covered!

  6. Interested which letters the blank tile substituted in your query? Easy for us. Just follow the link "plus blank" on the page containing the unscrambled words and you will see a nice view grouped by the substituted letter.

  7. Additionally, it displays the direct anagrams of your query. This way you don't have to search for them in the potentially long list of words. Pure luxury!

How to unscramble with blank tiles

As mentioned above, MoreWords is the only service to support as many blank tiles as you want. However, we recommend a maximum of 2 blank tiles. Not only because this is the maximum amount of blank tiles in Scrabble, but also because your query might be too broad this way.

Anyhow, including a blank tile is really easy. Just put a "#" (hashtag character) in place of the blank tile. This decision was made due to technical restrictions and for aesthetical reasons.

Don't worry about forgetting this. The search field above always contains a note reminding you of it 😎.

Other ways to cheat at Scrabble and Words with Friends

Of course, word unscrambling is not the only way to gain an edge over your opponents. Find a list of the most common ways to step up your Scrabble/WWF game below: