NEW: Unscramble rack into pattern of letters

Unscramble your rack into a pattern matching a certain arrangement of letters on the board. For example: "ros" in your rack and "*a-t" as a pattern will show you "roast"! The pattern syntax is the same one you already know from the search.

Tap here to go to the page of the new feature.

Fair share of warning: it is only available for the NEW version of Morewords. Please give it chance, it makes awesome features like this even possible!

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Find words for Scrabble, Words with Friends, Jumble, crossword puzzles and code words

MoreWords is a free yet powerful service that allows you to unscramble words, solve anagrams, assist in crossword puzzles & codewords and find words for linguistics using advanced filters.

Unscramble a jumbled word

Our unmatched word unscrambler is useful for the games Scrabble, Words with Friends and Jumble (in the US). It is one of the only unscramble services to support blank tiles! Click here to unscramble words up to 60 letters and containing blanks!

Find anagrams

Our multi-purpose anagram solver can be used in newspaper crossword puzzles, Scrabble, Words with Friends and unsurprisingly, Clabbers (in the UK). Click here to solve anagrams free of charge!

Find hook words

Hook words are an easy way to score many points in Scrabble and Words with Friends. They are formed by appending a single letter to a word that already exists on the board. Thus the perfect effortless way of getting rid of your letters. Click here to find hook words for Scrabble and Words with Friends!

Find high-scoring words

Everyone who plays Scrabble and Words with Friends knows that you can score many points by playing Q words. Don't worry, we've got you covered and provide a simple way to find them. Click here to find all words containing Q!

How to cheat at Scrabble

Don't worry, everyone needs a hand sometimes. Whatever your reasons are, MoreWords provides a multitude of options to choose from. Click here to learn how to efficiently cheat at Scrabble.

Word finder with powerful filters

We are simply one of the best word finders on the web. It allows you to filter words by including letters, excluding letters & limiting the length and you can sort your results by various methods. Click here to start filtering words.

Find words with a specific pattern

Complex word games or puzzles sometimes require you to find words with an unknown letter at a specific location or find words excluding specific letters. Click here to learn how to find words with missing letters, excluded letters and an arbitrary amount of unknown letters.

Find unique letter words

Ever wondered which words have no duplicate letters in them? MoreWords provides a way to find all of them, filtered by a specific length and starting letter. Click here to find words of which all their letters are different. Additionally, you can disable duplicate letters in the options when searching for a pattern or unscrambling with at least one blank.

Find words with letter pairs

Crossword puzzles sometimes require us to find words with specific letter pairs in them (e.g. OC in "dock"). Sometimes they also want you to find a word with a specific length. Finding it on MoreWords is straightforward. Click here to choose a letter pair and find all words containing it by length!

How to play Scrabble

Scrabble is a perfect example of a game that is easy to learn but hard to master. Veterans know that just finding words isn't enough. You need to develop a strategy that depends on your rack of tiles and the potential rack of your opponent. Click here to learn the basics of Scrabble.

Other ways to find words on MoreWords

Explaining all the various ways of how to find words would oversaturate this page. Simply refer to our examples page to discover MoreWords in-depth.

Find adjectives

This is especially useful for crossword puzzle players. Our main searches use word lists exclusively with nouns, but click here to find a list of all adjectives that start with a specific letter.

Find words by length

Many people have requested a feature that allows them to find words having a specific length and a specific starting letter. As a result, we now offer a convenient page that lists all possible starting letters grouped by length in your preferred dictionary. Click here to find all words by length and a first letter.

Browse all words

We have a special page that allows you to browse all words in a specific dictionary by repeatedly adding letters to an initial starting letter. The advantage of using this page is that it will never display impossible combinations; all combinations will eventually end up being a word. Click here to smart browse all valid words for Scrabble and Words with Friends.

Found a bug or want a feature?

MoreWords' vast variety of features grew and improved thanks to you. Contact me if you found a bug or want to request a new feature. I am going to respond to all of your messages at some point, depending on when I have time. My regulars know that all of your voices are heard.

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