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How to use

In WORDLE, you will need to find the first word yourself. MW got you covered, though. Tap here to view all five-letter words.

WORDLE is going to give you some hints. Gray means the letter is not in the sought-after word, yellow means the letter is in the word but in the wrong position and green means the letter is both in the word and at the right position.

After the first turn, enter exactly what you see on WORDLE on this page. Click each of the empty tiles, enter the letter and tap the hint that WORDLE gave you. That's all you need for now, press "Submit".

MoreWords' solver is going to show you a bunch of possibilities. Chances are those are too broad in the first turn; but that doesn't matter, go back to WORDLE and enter any word you like.

After completing the second turn on WORDLE, go back to MoreWords' solver. MoreWords' WORDLE solver is convenient and automatically copies the correct letters (green) and also the eliminated letters (gray). Simply fill the remaining tiles. If you've been here since the first turn, you don't need to manually adapt the eliminated letter box at the very bottom. MoreWords' solver maintains it automatically.

Repeat this process until you win! It's that simple!


WORDLE is a word game that recently blew up. In its essence it's a variation of the popular board game "Mastermind".

Mastermind is (usually) a game for two players. Each turn, one of the players is the so-called Codemaker. Their task is to generate a combination of colored pins - the "Code" - without the other party - the Codebreaker - seeing the combination. Firstly, the challenger enters a combination at random. The Codemaker will indicate how many of the pins are of correct position and color and how many of the pins are of correct color but incorrect position. This is repeated until the correct combination was deduced.

WORDLE is very similar, but entirely different about how it indicates a correct pin (or letter in this case). Instead of showing you the correct amount of letters, it shows you the exact letters which are both correct and in the correct position. WORDLE indicates this with a green background color.

WORDLE marks letters which exist within the word but reside at the wrong position with an orange color. And letters that do not exist in the word at all are simply gray.

You have exactly six turns to guess the word. The first turn is pretty much a coinflip - choose any you word want - but the beauty of WORDLE is that you are never clueless. Even if the first turn shows that five letters are gray (i.e. not in the word), it's at least something. MoreWords' WORDLE solver can easily deal with such situations and lift your mental overhead.

About this tool

This personal WORDLE assistant is going to make your daily WORDLE a cakewalk. There aren't many WORDLE cheats out there; but consider yourself lucky. We at MoreWords quickly took up the challenge of creating an efficient, easy-to-use WORDLE solver. For times where your mental overhead is getting unbearable or you need inspiration.

You may ask why people would even need a WORDLE cheat. You may say it's an easy game and there is no need for an external WORDLE solver. But don't forget, although WORDLE is quite a simple game, you can get extremely unlucky with the hints WORDLE provides you after each turn. Especially if your letters keep getting gray it's not looking too hot for you. Automated tools like MoreWords can turn this around. With enough gray letters, our word database can filter out all impossible words. Humans are not designed to process information like this, the mental overhead is just too large.

That being said, without at least somewhat using your brain, you will not succeed in WORDLE. Because despite automated WORDLE solver's being able to spit out logically inferred lists of words, they cannot make the best decision for a word to be used for the next turn, for example. Humans are better at judging which words may have good chances and which may not for subsequent WORDLE hints. For example through experience or general knowledge about the probability of word occurrences.

Can it handle hard mode?

Yes. MoreWords' WORDLE solver was initially designed to work with the "hard mode". Remember, WORDLE's hard mode requires you to use hints given to you in the previous turn for the next turn. For green letters this means you are required to copy them. For yellow letters this means you are required to place them somewhere else. MoreWords is convenient and copies green letters to the same position as before when doing a new query. It also keeps track of all eliminated letters in the big box under the five tiles.

If you like our WORDLE solver we would appreciate a recommendation to other people you know. This way, we can gather more feedback and improve our WORDLE solver in subsequent iterations. Thank you!