News and updates

Option to hide words with duplicate letters

28th of Feburary 2021

This change was proposed by user Patrick. Thanks for the suggestion, mate!

As of today, you can hide words that have duplicate letters in them. Some word games have this requirement. This option is available when searching for a pattern (e.g. "*a*e"), when unscrambling with at least one blank (e.g. "abcdef#") and when searching for unscramble words plus blank or existing letter on the board.

Layout and style changes

19th of Feburary 2021

Groups are now encapsulated in boxes for better distinction. On big screens, if possible, all available space is now used, so you see more useful information at once.

Grouping on the unscramble page: It's done!

16th of January 2021

As of today, you can group the unscramble results by nothing, by length or by first letter of the word! Simply select your preferred option in the box that appears above the results.

Again, if you find any issues with this feature, please contact me.

Grouping on the unscramble page

15th of January 2021

First off, thanks for all the feedback I've received the past two days. This is a confirmation that your voice is heard.

MoreWords is used by a lot of people with different backgrounds, and it's very difficult to cater to all. One of the most controversial pages is the unscramble page. From what I've seen, in general, people who use MW for educational purposes desire an alphabetical ordering (without grouping) and those who use it for Scrabble or similar games want the results to be grouped by length.

As you are reading this, I am trying to come up with a solution. The most sensible thing to do is to add an option for you to choose your grouping. This however is not as straightforward as it sounds and will require a larger effort. There's only one person here, so naturally it's gonna take a bit of time to implement. Please bear with it for the time being, I'm trying my best.

If you need words by specific length, please use the length filter in the advanced options for now.

Got any inquiries? Please contact me. I'll try to respond to every email I receive.

Server migration

14th of January 2021

It was a bit bumpy, but I finally migrated servers. The main reason for this is to improve MoreWords' loading speed. Alongside this migration, I also optimized some of the word queries. Especially the "words from letters in [word] plus blank" feature was painfully slow and had some security issues for good measure.